🎶 All I Do / The Whole Day Through / Is Touch My Face (Do do do do!) 🎵

Poppets! It’s Thursday, and I once again slept in half an hour after mumble-shouting SNOOZE a few times, which is causing my anxious overachiever brain to try to figure out ways Alexa can straight up yell at me if I try and pull that nonsense tomorrow. Stay tuned on my progress, maybe I will become a “being-a-grownup-as-a-service” influencer (BaGaaS? Well, that’s just rude.)

BTW y’all, you lovelies being at home has meant that you’ve had more time to send in some AMAZING content suggestions, and for that I thank you, and hope I’m giving credit where credit is due. Keep it all coming, I love hearing from you.


  • Submitted by Mum of the Missive Barb, those of us cloistered in our homes may be getting stir crazy and mourning our previous lives, but the truth is we’re privileged that we don’t have to go outside. So right now, we are all right now dependent on low-wage workers who are risking their own health to keep us alive - and how in all hell are we going to re-pay them

  • Mother Nature is seeing the empty streets and using it as a chance to repair some of the damage we’ve wrought: 'It's positively alpine!': Disbelief in big cities as air pollution falls.

  • And finally, Carolina sent in this very timely and helpful piece from HBR. I don’t know about you, but the hardest times for me in the last month have been when I start to think about what comes next, and can’t come up with one damned answer to start planning around. That uncertainty causes anxiety and sadness, and makes it even harder to maintain good habits. “Don’t Let Uncertainty Paralyze You” includes “three habits that can help you develop your own “uncertainty capability”” to help you tackle this weird in-between state that we find ourselves in. Also, I don’t know why they have snuggle-toothed pug in a bowtie as the lede image, but I’m obviously not mad about it.

You’re great. Stay home, stay safe, and be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy