2019 Gestalt: Stress Eating Feelings, But Make It Fashion.

Good morning! Did something happen yesterday?

Look, all I’m going to say about yesterday’s news emanating from Washington is


And are you at all confused about why we’re heading into the impeachment process after what has been literal years of probably-impeachable behavior, and what the actual heck Joe Biden has to do with any of this? Read this Washington Post overview, and then read Tim Miller’s Truth, Lies, and the Nonsense Trump-Biden-Ukraine False Equivalency.

Though I would like to add one thing: a reminder that we’re now entering a supremely ugly process. And it’s super easy to get addicted to the insanity and spend every waking hour refreshing Twitter for some new dopamine hit, but may I suggest we all refrain? Unless you’re in D.C. and actually involved with any of this (and to those Friends of the Missive who are, GODSPEED) watching livestreams and yelling at your screen won’t do anything other than raise your blood pressure and freak out your cat. If you want to DO SOMETHING as this process gets awful and our orange president becomes a cornered animal and swipes at anything and everyone, do as Friend of the Missive Kate did yesterday: donate to Fair Fight via Vote Save America to support “an unprecedented effort to hire voter protection teams in 20 battleground states who can “ensure that every voter is registered, can access their ballot, and has their ballot fairly counted.” Because none of this impeachment stuff matters if those who can vote legally are not allowed to. SO CHANNEL THAT ANXIETY INTO DONATIONS AND ACTION, PEOPLE.

In other news, so I guess there was a super insane water park in New Jersey in the 80s/90s that would just swallow up souls or some shit like that because it “lay somewhere between Lord of the Flies and a Saw movie”? And now there’s going to be a documentary about it? Can I just say that my NOPE radar is high on this absolute nightmare? I know I have New Jerseyan / Tri-State Area subscribers: TELL ME YOUR ACTION PARK STORIES.

And I’ll send you off with a livestream of me stress eating my feelings as this impeachment drama rolls out.

Be kind to yourselves, darlings.

Xoxo Amy