2020: Wherein My Mask Wardrobe Starts To, As The Kids Say, Slap.

Happy Tuesday, darlings! Wherever you are, and whatever state of re-opening your locale is in, I hope you are doing the good and kind and safe thing, and wearing a darned mask. “But Amy,” you ask. “I shan’t wear a mask unless it goes with my dress-up sweats.” Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered, as my mask wardrobe grows and grows: 

  • Paloma - Hayes Valley designer making simple masks out of gorgeous and sturdy fabric. The masks fit well, ship quickly, and the Paloma team is absolutely lovely to interact with.

  • IfNotNowThenWhen Co. - Denver, CO-based mask maker recommended by Friend of the Missive Kate, and I’m thisclose to buying this gorgeous outer space one.

  • Mrs. Hewko - Calgary, AB-based designer, for when you’re feeling feline and need a “pink leopard flannel” face mask, because WHY THE HECK NOT, MY LOVES, think “responsible social interaction, but make it Betsy Johnson.”

  • Homesite - Vogue recommended this gorgeous toile mask set, so there’s no way any of us is going to be able to get ahold of them any time soon, but I am IN LOVE.

  • Tired of Winning - For those sassy politicos out there, this store’s for you. Because I wanted a mask that screamed “I wish more people had phone banked in 2016” (yes, friends, I am still bitter, and am looking forward to receiving my “BUT HER EMAILS” mask.)


Y’all are lovely. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy