25 Days: It's Raining Insane.

Morning, darlings! I hope all who fasted yesterday had an easy one, and that, if you were looking at the news at all yesterday, that you didn’t rip out your eyes and howl at the moon, because that’s where we are right now in this campaign.

Whether the oppo campaign is in full effect, or if recent statements at the debate opened a floodgate of women coming forward, Trump’s Google News results show the depths to which this presidential season has sunk. And while I’m not a press secretary, maybe pleading with the candidate to avoid creepily kissing a Women for Trump sign at a rally could be strategy #1? Of course, that would mean he’d have to listen to the advisors around him (trigger warning: there be vampires past that jump.)

As election podcast fav Keepin’ it 1600 reminds me, the pollercoaster is hell. FiveThirtyEight delved into the gender dynamics of voters yesterday. The 538 breakdown by men v. women puts the current political reality in sharp relief.


So then Eric Trump Used An “If Only Men Voted” Map To Convince Supporters His Dad Has “Momentum”. This election...

So instead of screaming into the void, go read this twitter thread on dogs and soda, and dive deep into Obama’s Trek fandom, and let’s pretend 2016 isn’t actually a thing that is happening.

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