26 days: Bad Blood and Ill-Fitting Suits

Good morning all, and a good yontif to those celebrating. I’m one coffee down and have been working since 6 am, which means my fasting isn’t going exactly as planned. With that said, let’s get to our insane world and all the creatures that inhabit it.

When I was in my start-up days, I worked for a time across the street from where One King’s Lane inhabited an entire floor of an old San Francisco building. In my memory, the furniture flash sale site had a glorious post-modern lobby with white shag carpets and Palm Springs-appropriate lighting fixtures - you can see 2012 pictures from their NYC office on Business Insider. I remember reading about one of their sky-high funding rounds, and feeling the envy and melancholy so specific to a lottery non-winning San Francisco tech worker. But it seems that reality may be settling down on San Francisco like the comical fog that freezes so many July tourists: the company, having taken in $225 million in funding and once valued at $800 million, was purchased by Broad City favorite Bed Bath & Beyond for $12 million.

If ever an article was written for my tailoring-aware suit-wearing district attorney husband and his colleagues: What Is Up With Trump's Ill-Fitting Suits? A World-Famous London Bespoke Tailor Explains.

Catherine Rampell compiled a "running list of excuses for Donald Trump’s “grab them by the p—y” comments.”

What I’m saving for the weekend on my Kindle: Bad Blood: The Decline And Fall Of Elizabeth Holmes And Theranos (and now I have Taylor Swift stuck in my head - THANKS FORBES)

For certain subscribers of this Missive YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE: 18 Things You’ll Only Understand If You Fucking Love Peanut Butter.

And for your happiness, friend of the missive Katelyn passed along Photographer Christian Vieler captures dogs' reactions as they try to catch treats.

I love you all :)