28 Days.

Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, all! I hope you’re had the opportunity to purge the lingering disgust and fear from your body after last night’s debate. And Americans, if you think this election only affects us, just know that my extended family in Calgary finished our turkey dinner last night in time for everyone to crowd around ye olde idiot box to watch one candidate for president say he’d jail his opponent if elected. Needless to say, the Canadians looked on in aghast bemusement, while I paced nervously scrolling Twitter the whole time and Ben watched on another TV downstairs, away from all other humans.

I’m on my way to the airport so I don’t have much time, but it seems that last night’s pundit proclaiming “well, he didn’t crash and burn, which means he won” has morphed into “oh god, how have we not woken up from this garbage-fueled fever dream yet."

We can all agree that Martha Raddatz shall lead us out of the rat hill towards salvation, yes?