30 Days 'Till the First Debate: and Yes, It's Still Only August.

Darlings, congrats on once again making it to Friday without someone on a train tossing crickets and worms on you. We are all #blessed in our own ways (unless of course you were in that NYC subway car with bugs and urinating and no air-conditioning and bugs and screaming and urinating and bugs and in that case, for the love of all things good, treat yourself this weekend.)

Speaking of skin-crawling, no-win situations, Hillary Clinton directly confronted Trump's courting of the “alt-right” movement during a speech in Reno. In her half hour remarks, Clinton decried the extremist views of “the far dark recesses of the internet” supporting Trump while reminding the audience of Trump’s own racist language and history. And of course, the dark recesses of the internet freaking loved it. Ugh.

Yesterday, dear friend of the Missive Alex Wilhelm pointed out that the “Clinton Hires Silicon Valley” story had been told before: by him and Sarah Buhron TechCrunch last September. The Missive acknowledges this oversight, and hopes that popovers penance sufficed - but seriously, go read their piece if you’d like more context and the tech industry perspective on campaign hiring.

I had more to write this morning, but my canine co-editors are losing their puppy minds over a cat in the yard, so I must attend to their freakout, lest they finally catch the feline menace.

Godspeed, my loves!