35 days until the election and all I've got is this nagging existential dread.

Good morning y’all. A quick one today, since I’ll be at Rosh Hashanah services this morning. And to all those celebrating, have a very sweet New Year!

Today in Donald Trump: ‘Apprentice’ insiders say Donald Trump demeaned, objectified women. Also, from this piece, marvel at the public relations ecosystem: "NBC, which broadcast the hit series, referred questions to executive producer Mark Burnett, whose studio referred calls to a public relations firm. The public relations firm did not respond to multiple voicemails and emails seeking comment."

On Friday, California Governor Jerry Brown signed two bills into law that were “inspired by the Stanford rape case.” One removes the option for a lesser sentence if the victim cannot give consent because of intoxication (THAT’S RIGHT, THAT WAS ON THE BOOKS BEFORE) and the other expands the state’s "definition of rape beyond the use or threat of physical force.” Brown had also recently signed into law a bill that removed California's statute of limitations for sex-related crimes.

As news trickles out of the UK indicating that there have been major steps taken towards curing HIV, sit down and read Meet the Woman Who Cared for Hundreds of Abandoned Gay Men Dying of AIDS. It’s a heartbreaking portrait of how one caring person can do so much good for those abandoned by their families, and by society.

Vox has a super cool piece on the building of the Lincoln Memorial for those who love us some good old timey photos.

And wonderful royal Jezebel headline of the day: Prince George Does Not Give a Fuck About Your Provincial Bubbles.