39 Days! Distractions below.

Happiest of Fridays, my dearests. I don’t know about you, but this week has seemed especially packed, what with the debate, and the debate hot takes, and the rounds ups of the hot takes, and the hot takes ON the hot takes, and Trump just being his classy self (please refer to this morning's Politico Playbook lede below:)

Jezebel has the tweets as well. Sigh. Yesterday, USA Today declared that Trump is “unfit for the presidency."

So the next time I get smug about doing yoga, just remind me that you lose the brain gains of exercise as soon as 10 days after the last time you broke a sweat, and that nothing matters.

Oakland’s municipal medical marijuana regulation has come to an impasse. According to the SF Chronicle, they "create a roadblock that would force business owners to take a detour and find a better place to make and sell marijuana-infused cookies, candies and essential oils.” God bless northern California.

A reminder that cheap fashion has a price: BuzzFeed looks at the Asos warehouse in Northern England. Allegedly, workers must achieve aggressive packing goals with faulty equipment, have unpredictable schedules, and are penalized for sick days.

While I know at least one Missive subscriber who will not be pleased about this (sorry Josh!,) This Photographer Takes Photos Of Chubby Cats And It’s So Delightful. Number 4 on that list is most definitely me.

And finally, just when I thought my favorite gif couldn’t get any better… Thank you Katelyn M. for this glorious thing: