5% Funny, 95% Appalled-with-Humanity Rant

Well, I don’t know if it’s the fact that I’m in D.C. and the cherry trees are somehow blossoming, that this BuzzFeed listicle on anxiety spoke straight to my adrenaline-adled brand, or if I’m finding the Bible written in NYC blog voice hits a bit too close to home, but I found insane number of things to talk about today. Let’s get to it.

What in the actual fuck is going on: the refugee immigration discussion has officially reached disturbingly surreal heights. Mayor David Bowers thought that FDR’s WWII Japanese internment camps seem like a swell idea right now, and now says he “did not intend to offend anyone.” You know, like George Takai WHO WAS IN ONE OF THOSE INTERNMENT CAMPS, so let Vox remind you exactly why it’s a travesty Bowers said that.

And while Obama is tweetstorming refugee support and reminding America that “welcoming the world’s vulnerable who seek the safety of America is not new to us,” a top Clinton donor calls for increased scrutiny of Muslims and Trump is practically coding the national registry for Muslims himself.

The language, imagery and references being thrown about right now so echo the Holocaust that the US Holocaust Memorial Museum issued a statement, which they never do. Let that sink in: the US Holocaust Memorial Museum issued a statement on the immigration debate in the United States.

Obviously, as an immigrant, I am appalled by this discourse. I posted classmate Dan-el Padilla Peralta’s piece The Immigration Iliad on his lifelong experience as an undocumented immigrant to Facebook yesterday, with the following notes:

My experience was nowhere near as fraught with peril as Dan-el's, but I can attest to the fear of rejection, the endless paper work, the always higher-than-expected cost, and the anger at those on the outside of the system who stigmatize immigrants.

Current public discourse lacks the empathy required for this topic. I wish all Americans could remember that immigrants, both documented and not, are human beings, not statistics or nasty rhetorical grenades to throw around. I'd add something about the Statue of Liberty and the nation being build on the backs of those who longed to reach these shores, but I just can't believe any of that needs to be said.

So yea, my view of humanity is pretty dim this morning.

But in other news, tech people are doing silly things, so hopefully this lightens the mood. Really want to forget the SF ex of yours, perhaps because he resembles this coder examining how "gender disparity affects the attractiveness pairings of couples?” Badass friend Selena Larson has some tips and tricks on how to shut. it. down. Also, Jimmy Iovine of Apple thinks that women have a hard time finding music to listen to.

So yea, be human, have empathy, love thy neighbor and give someone a hug today.

Namaste, loves.