A Mishmash of Stuff for Your Friday

Happy Friday! Catherine Rampell has a great piece this morning on why Millennials are flocking to Sanders over than Hillary. I recommend you try and read it without reading the headline the Post seemed to arbitrarily tack on it, as it does disservice to the entirety of her piece. I’ll let you read it - watch for her sneaking “hot mess” into the Post and including "Sanders’s socialism is a feature, not a bug” - but I do want to point out that her overarching thought that a female candidate doesn’t have the leeway to be “authentic” or a “crazy uncle” in the same way as a male one is true. Rampell’s column is like a SFW version of Courtney Enlow’s ALL CAPS Hillary rant (nsfw language) that made the rounds last week, another read I highly recommend you check out this morning - and before you ask, #HillYes I am a Hillary supporter.

My inbox this morning. Heh heh heh.

I’ve spent most of my writing time this morning admiring coverage of my cousin Laura and her husband Jesse’s architecture firm, allowing my mind to be blown by the fact that Earth may actually be two planets (SAY WHAT?!?! thx Scott,) as well as watching "Pharma Bro Goes to Washington" on loop to get myself pumped for the day.

Check out how no Superb Owl host city ever makes money while I haul ass down Market street to check out the Puppy Bowl wishing I was this tourist in Iceland who put the wrong town name in his GPS and somehow ended up in a twee piece in the NYT.

Can someone please make me this cake? I’m begging you: Seeing the Most Decadent Chocolate Cake Get Made Is Just Unfair.

Me when I pose for photos: Seeing the Most Infamous Super Villains in Movie History Smile Is So Twisted.

Alright, that’s it, that’s all, I need to throw my face on and get the heck outta here. Love you guys!