A New Year...

Happiest of New Years, Poppets! While I wish I could say that the two-week break from this humble morning missive was entirely restful, alas I cannot. I’m actually back up in Calgary for the second time in two weeks, as my dear grandfather John Hutchings passed away yesterday morning. I’ll be writing more about our beloved patriarch this week, but in the mean time, check out his handsome mug.

So what happened while we were gone? From a former racist utopia hosting a tense standoff with a militia in a government building to a woman giving birth to twins in two separate years to 'burly teens’ terrorizing a New Brunswick skating rink, the last two weeks have proven quite eventful and I am woefully unprepared to cover it today. Meanwhile, Trump is still leading the Republican field, with only a month to go before Iowa, so get those bunkers ready people, we've got a lot to talk about.

More tomorrow, my loves. Stay warm.