A Thought: Just In General, Let's Not Plant Unmarked Seeds Sent Unsolicited In The Mail, Mmmkay?

Good morning, folks! It’s Tuesday, and I think you look great this morning. Have you had some water? Did you go on a walk yesterday? Have you taken a minute to take account of what you’re grateful for? I ask you also as a reminder to ask myself. We can get through this, y’all, despite 2020’s very best efforts.


  • Oh cool, a GOP senator in Georgia created a Facebook ad featuring an altered photo of his opponent Jon Ossoff. This ad included an image of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer alongside an image of Ossoff, with Ossoff’s nose altered to appear longer and wider, in an ad claiming “DEMOCRATS ARE TRYING TO BUY GEORGIA”. And what do Schumer and Ossoff have in common, you might ask? They’re both Jewish. What do you call a dogwhistle through a megaphone? Gotta say, 2020 is laying on these historical parallels THICK as of late, between this, economic collapse and people getting snatched by unnamed militarized police in unmarked vehicles (hyperventilates in a paper bag). 

  • The president shared a video “touting hydroxychloroquine as a coronavirus cure” and now social media companies are struggling to contain the viralilty of it and videos like it. And no, this article isn’t from five months ago. It’s from this week. Because we just can’t learn, can we?

  • And on that story, here’s a headline I never thought I’d see: “Trump’s New Favorite COVID Doctor Believes in Alien DNA, Demon Sperm, and Hydroxychloroquine.

  • Also in the um, wut category: “Americans Receive Mystery Seeds in the Mail, Mostly From China.” FOLKS. DO NOT PLANT THEM. THIS IS HOW SCI FI / HORROR MOVIES START. And as much as I appreciate any new fodder for Mystery Science Theater, we sure as heck don’t need an invasive plant menace threatening us on another front, 2020 is enough of a jerk as it is!

  • Finally, someone on TikTok was talking about this 2018 post on Healthline stating that “we need four hugs a day for survival,” and now I’m mad at a website for making me google body pillows.

You’re lovely. Be kind to each other, and wear a mask, won’t you?

xoxo Amy