A Year+ In, I'm Starting To Seriously Doubt I Was Ever An Extrovert (J/K, I Still Totally Wanna Hug You All But I'm Also Glad I Discovered I Can Be My Own Best Companion)

Happy Tuesday, my doves! It is Tuesday, right? And it’s still March, yes? BTW, I am ashamed that I forgot to include some quippy reference to the Ides of March and how vaccines just tiny little stabs yesterday - as a self-described history buff, I not mad at myself, I’m just disappointed.

  • This is the loveliness I need right now: Yo-Yo Ma got his second vaccine dose and played a mini concert during his fifteen minute wait period. (The Berkshire Eagle)

  • Favorite EV charging infrastructure company ChargePoint (yes, I have favorites re: where I charge my car, and yes, ChargePoint is a former client that I adore) just announced the installation of DC fast charging stations up and down the California highway system, making it much easier for EV drivers like myself to road trip up and down the Golden State. I am genuinely excited to partake once things open up a bit more, because I miss Palm Springs with my heart and soul, and cannot wait to travel there once again.

  • I really appreciated this: instead of publishing the umpteenth thought piece on how women can learn to be more like men in their leadership style, Harvard Business Review went ahead and published ‘7 Leadership Lessons Men Can Learn from Women’ by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic and Cindy Gallop.

  • If you’re not listening to Dana Schwartz’s Noble Blood, a podcast about royals and the oft-murderous shenanigans they get up to, go do that (I recommend starting with the series on Henry VII’s wives starting with “Divorced”, it is SO GOOD). And once you do, check out her piece “Why Do Boomers Have Such A Problem With Meghan Markle?” (Bustle) And while I know this will cause some discomfort with my boomer readers (of which there are quite a few, I appreciate you!) I encourage you to give it a read, especially when Schwartz frames Markle criticism from the perspective of ‘I (the Boomers who came before) had to put up with this (standing as a representation of all of the awful shit our foremothers had to put up with in the workplace), why can’t she?’

  • And finally, I guess Cocaine Chic is back? No, I do not want to hear about your restaurant ideas: Cocaine Chic: How Mirrors, Glass Bricks, and Conversation Pits Took Over Social Media. According to this article, this aesthetic is “any interior, building, or related object that elicits a strong desire to do blow,” which I haven’t done (can you imagine my energy on cocaine? I’m already way too much…) so I’m going to need to take their word for it. 

That’s it, that’s all. You’re lovely - be kind to yourself, get vaccinated when you can, and keep wearing those masks!

xoxo Amy