Adorably Blunt Segues, and Other Fancy Dances.

Happiest of Tuesdays mein Liebchens. I hope this August day finds you well-rested, well-fed, and well-equipped to avoid the firenados that are coming for us all. Joking aside, NASA is saying that July 2016 was the world’s hottest month since us humans were like, whoa hey let’s start measuring this sea-surface and air temperature stuff all the way back in 1880. Which means NYC’s going to have to start issuing even more advisories about flying cockroaches OK THAT’S IT, NO MORE TYPING, BACK TO MY HERMETICALLY SEALED CABIN IN THE ROCKIES, THANKS FOR BEING A FRIEND, BYE NOW.

Via my colleague (yay!) Stefana and her roommate Teresa, perhaps the truest headline of this election cycle: Hillary Clinton Is the Hermione of Politics. On behalf of women who have always been shamelessly enthusiastic, wildly ambitious, and have been shushed down on more than one occasion: yup. Hell, even an ultra-conservative Orthodox haredi newspaper in NY is having to figure out how to cover her (hint: it’s by only showing her arm and the top of her head, the god-intended way any woman should ever be seen all IMHO.) And for those in ten years digging through my online writings in order to discredit me during my theoretical run for public office, that last remark was sarcastic. Women shouldn't be seen at all.

Segue! A reminder that today is the perfect day to buy your favorite pup parent the dog selfie attachment for their iPhone, so that they may continue to overwhelm their personal Instagram feed with pictures of the cutest and smartest dogs of all time.

And finally, if this Olympic dressage (see: horse dancing) routine set to Santana (feat. Rob Thomas!)’s 1999 super huge hit doesn’t make you forget life’s troubles… My country for 1/8th that horse’s rhythm and grace...

Yours in fancy dance,