Another week, another day spent horror-struck and overwhelmed after a gun massacre. This time, the deadliest mass shooting on U.S. soil, with 50 people killed at a gay nightclub’s Latin night in Orlando during Pride month. Killed by a hateful domestic abuser twice investigated by the FBI for ties to terrorism. A man still able to purchase an AR-15-style assault rifle, the long gun of choice for mass murderers, and then head to an LGBT safe space and mow down the young people congregated there.

Another day of re-sharing the Onion article entitled "'No Way To Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens,” because it seems that dark satire is an easier pill to swallow than demanding common sense gun control.

Another day of shaking our heads as politicians call for “thoughts and prayers,” instead of action and policy leadership, some of whom counted amongst the fifty-four senators who voted AGAINST legislation restricting suspected terrorists from buying guns.

And another day in which, as a new American, I wonder once again why second amendment rights trump the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of the victims of 133 mass shootings in 2016 alone.

Right now, Facebook is encouraging us to rainbowfy our profile pictures for Pride. By all means, please do if you’d like to express your support for this important celebration, but we must acknowledge know that clicktivism isn’t enough right now.

So what can you do?