All Hail the Honeybee Priestess.

Good morning, darlings! I missed you yesterday - wifi on the Virgin flight to NYC was spotty at best, and I once again turned into the entitled business traveler raging that she cannot tweet from a flying tin can in the sky. So instead, I read a ton of compelling internet, some of which I have listed for your rage-reading pleasure - you’ll get the rest tomorrow. Enjoy, as I prepare to exit the hotel into the humidity. Fun fact: the Bay Area has ruined me for other climates #sweat

Best headline in years: Pokémon Go Is Secretly Teaching Americans the Metric System (yessssss)

WTF of the day: As someone who’s recently gone full Left Coast through yoga, home-brewed Kombucha, trying to eat only chickens that have advanced degrees, and becoming fully accustomed to access to on-tap cold brew, I still employ a healthy skepticism of too-smug liberals (pot, kettle, I get it…,) So naturally I devoured Marisa Meltzer’s undercover take of the mostly-white all-female gathering in the Northern California redwoods, Spirit Weavers Gathering particularly voraciously. I thought of the long discussions I’ve had with friend of the Missive Katelyn, a yoga instructor who is skeptical of yoga-for-show, or any instagrammable lifestyle that embraces semi-cultural appropriation and handily ignores real life strife. Would I love to take a yoga retreat? Yes. Do I need to commune with "a honeybee priestess in the British tradition”? Um, no. Side note: I’d be interested in the gathering’s takes on vaccinations, which were not mentioned, despite being an event where "the greatest reverence is reserved for motherhood and children."

Residents of a Northern Atlantic group of islands are tired of waiting for Google Maps to come do street view of their home. SO THEY DID SHEEP VIEW and I’m dying.

READ THIS NOW: Internet of Shit’s first Verge column

Until tomorrow!