♫ And I ra-a-an, I ran so far awa-a-ay. ♫

Morning, darlings! Hope you're caffeinated and ready to punch Wednesday in the nose.

RIP independent Gawker Media: the controversial company was purchased yesterday by Univision in their much-covered bankruptcy fire sale. If you haven’t been reading their hilarious Senior Week series of off-the-wall-anything-goes-burn-it-down posting, I suggest you start here, because why not: I Freakin' Love SoulCycle, Okay?

Speaking of Deadspin, sometimes even the jaded frozen lump of amber that “doctors” insist is my “heart” can melt - watch two runners handle utter disappointment after falling at the Olympics encourage each other and hug each other and cry together and fight to get over the finish line. Best headline: No, You're Genuinely Moved By This Display Of Olympic Sportsmanship.

Today, in tech: Ford, China's Baidu invest $150M in self-driving 3D laser tech

As August rolls on, I was so pleased that my cousin Kate shared this perfect piece of investigative journalism from a few years ago: A Ranking of All 118 Sweaters Seen on Twin Peaks. I need numbers 86, 76 and 32.

I’ve mentioned before that Ted Cruz and I have three things in common: we were born in Calgary AB, we graduated from the same alma mater, and we both like the serial killer crime procedural show Criminal Minds. But as friend S.E. points out, all is not well and good at Quantico. Thomas Gibson, who plays steely Aaron Hotchner and is best known to those of us born before 1990 as Greg of “Dharma and Greg,” was punted from the show after allegedly kicking a writer. Which led to some serious shade thrown by another departed cast member. And this has been your semi-regular Criminal Minds update you really didn’t need.

And in a bit of personal outreach, I posted the following to Facebook last night, as I’ve finally decided to try and get back into running. So I throw the ask out to you, my delightful Misschevians: what are YOUR tips for getting back into running after an injury?

Dearest running friends, it's been over two years since I broke my leg, which means I think it's time to try and get back on the figurative horse and give the ol' 'yogging' thing another college try.

But I need help. Despite the fact that I've run a few half marathons in my day and used to run every day to work, I'm essentially starting from scratch. I now have shiny hardware that I tote along with me everywhere - ankle pins, knee pins, titanium rod. My body has changed since 2014, heavier than two years ago but a helluva lot stronger and more flexible.

And I'm scared. I'm scared of starting from scratch, of an awkward gait, of my discomfort in my bigger frame, of picking new shoes. TBH, I'm afraid of hurting myself, and more afraid of looking like a jackass.

Which is why, dear readers, I turn to you. I need your advice. Your stories. Your humor. Your training plans. And your support. So come at me, runners!