Are Beards Dead? And Other Millennial Existential Crises.

Forgive me readers, for I have sinned. And by sinned, I mean I don’t absolutely hate Ted Cruz’s new beard and that upsets me greatly.

Luckily, I am not alone, as the chattering classes are all coming to terms with this brave new grooming world. Slate said “I’m So Sorry to Report that Ted Cruz’s New Beard Looks Great” and Esquire chimed in with ”Damnit, Ted Cruz's Beard Looks Tolerable Now”

Thank you all for the feedback you provided on the “joke” I included in yesterday’s Missive. I’m #blessed to have friends and readers like Zach who provided the best virtual writer’s room a gal could ever ask for:

Another update: thank spaghetti monster, Steph Curry was joking about the moon landing thing, and then stayed quiet because he thought the entire controversy was so absurd (h/t Ruthie for pointing it out). But he is still going to take NASA up on their offer to show him around, which means we can look forward to adorable photos of Riley Curry at mission control? PLEASE?!?! But seriously, it’s a wonderful outcome if this whole media shitshow leads to Steph Curry using his incredible influence to show off science.

Next time you walk into a Taylor Swift concert, your face might be scanned by facial recognition technology, part of a program to track individuals who’ve stalked or threatened her in the past.

That’s it, that’s all. Be kind to each other, why don’t you?

Xoxo Amy