Attending Town Halls, and Finding Ways to Stave Off Existential Crisis

On Saturday, Ben and I attended our Congresswoman’s town hall on the Affordable Care Act. Defending the ACA is crucial for her, and for her district: 350,000 East Bay residents are on Obamacare. I wanted to make sure that we were counted, showing our political concern IRL and off the internet.

I’m a fan of Representative Barbara Lee (D-CA) - the most recent legislation she introduced is to have congress vote to remove Steve Bannon from the National Security Council, so needless to say I appreciate and respect the job she’s doing for the East Bay.

Last week, a friend told me about how she had a friend of hers criticize her for not ‘doing more,’ namely that said friend had not seen her at a protest.

I have not attended a protest yet. I am much more comfortable calling, writing and attending town halls, training to organize and being up-to-date on the issues that matter to me: Immigration, Women’s Rights, Healthcare.

I know I need constructive ways to channel the helpless energy I’ve felt reading the news over the last few weeks. It’s exhausting to attempt to keep up with everything.

Is this enough? I don’t know, but it’s what I can do.

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