Awkward Family Dinners, and Other Forms of Resistance.

Poppets! I hope your weekend was delightful, and that you did a better job than I at protecting your skin from the merciless and unyielding sun. I, on the other hand, finally purchased a hat this morning to next-time protect my abnormally-sized and now tenderly pink head.

So Stephen Miller, Trump’s senior policy advisor and architect of the Muslim travel ban and the migrant children separation policy, is going to have one super awkward Rosh Hashanah this year, as his uncle Dr. David S. Glosser (on his Mom’s side) used POLITICO as a vehicle in which to call Miller an “Immigration Hypocrite”. In the piece, Glosser reminds readers that without the very policies his nephew is hellbent on destroying, Miller’s own family may not have survived the pogroms and forced conscription in what is now Belarus, and nearly certainly would not have survived the Holocaust. And while you may click through for the fasc-esque schadenfreude - which includes the delightfully bitchy reference to Miller “famously recovering from the hardships of his high school cafeteria in Santa Monica,” - you’ll stay for the story of a 30-year-old Eritrean refugee who built his life in Pennsylvania after suffering torture in his home country, whom Glosser met through his work with HIAS, a non-profit that works with refugees.

And while I love a good familial squabble as much as the next one, with the recent militant radical actions of ICE, the increase in frequency of the once-reserved-for-secret-Nazis denaturalization process, and the wall-to-wall coverage of approximately “two dozen white nationalists” who received police escort and a special DC metro train, let’s all heed this reminder from The Atlantic’s Adam Serwer: The White Nationalists Are Winning.

Woof. This got dark. So here’s a headline I didn’t know I needed: Rogue goat may have helped dozens of farm animals escape.

Be kind to each other.