Bah Humbug, I'll Sit And Pout In My Dark Morning Kitchen While The Rest Of You Celebrate More Light In The Evenings. Also, RIP My Productivity After Moving That Clock Forward 😢

Poppets! Happy Monday my loves, how I’ve missed you. Last week was the week of 6:30 AM calls, and boy am I just tired in general. So here is a mixture of long-ish and no-so-long reads because my Instapaper queue is just unwieldy. BTW, it was only in typing the word “unwiedly” three times to try and get rid of the red squiggly lines underneath it did I realize I may have been saying “unwieldy” wrong for much of my life, and now that word has lost all meaning as I mutter it under my breath over and over. Language is fun.


You’re lovely. Wear a mask, be kind to each other, and don’t forget to drink water today.

xoxo Amy