Band Name: Twitter Egg vs. Meatspace Puppet

Happy Tuesday, I wrote a thing on how we have to remember that people - you know, emotional in the meatspace humans - build code, so therefore products, websites and platforms can be biased.

Sent in by my Mum, the National Post asks whether Twitter’s format is to blame for flame wars and its “signature sniping and shouting” online. While I’d say it sure may make it easier, I more fully blame humans for being the worst.

I didn’t realize that the Darjeeling varietal of tea is still sold via live auction in Kolkata, after all other tea sales were moved online years ago. Well, looks like it’s coming to an end, and Darjeeling leaves will soon be sold via e-auction.

The last video game I played for a long period of time was the remastered Day of the Tentacle, so needless to say I’m not exactly on the cutting edge of gaming technology. That being said, this preview of a virtual reality game set in abandoned Chernobyl and the neighboring town Pripyat looks absolutely fascinating. The Chernobyl VR project visited every location seen in gameplay, shot 2,000 photos a room, and combined them with 3D animation to create an immersive walk through. So cool / terrifying.