Be Like Gaga, And Rock Your Own Gold Mic Wherever You Shall Roam.

Darlings, it’s a new era. And while yesterday didn’t magically wave away all of our tensions and violence and strife, we had a remarkably “normal” day, considering the outgoing president did not participate (not going to lie, a four-year-old weight was lifted off my chest when he actually got on that darned plane) and festivities were scaled back due to the pandemic. But I think that was appropriate - yesterday wasn’t a time for glad-handing and chest thumping, it was a moment to pause and reflect, and then get to work (imho, of course).

Short one today, more thoughts tomorrow, but I hope you all took a chance to watch and listen, and hope.


Y’all are lovely. See you tomorrow, and be kind to yourselves.
xoxo Amy