Because "I'm Still A Piece Of Mindfully Recycled Material" Does Not An Earworm Make.

Dearests! Did you have a good couple of days off? Did you find a way to transition your space to something more “weekend-y”? Did you run a few miles? Did you wrap yourself up a blanket and hide yourself from the awful world? Did you get five minutes away from your kids, WHOM YOU LOVE, but omg were those the best five minutes you’ve had in a while? Did you mainline Tik Tok so often that all you hear when anyone asks you how you are, you just send them this song? Did you scrub your space cleaner than its ever been? Did you sleep all day? Did you have a panic attack? Did you ignore the internet? Did you binge Tiger King faster than any content you’ve ever consumed? Did you do none of the above, and are facing the upcoming week with a mixture of dread and fascination?

All are correct! Because during this quarantine, none of us know what we’re doing! This is all unknown! You’re not the only one vacillating between fascination and dread. 

Brené Brown has a new podcast, and the first episode deals with coping during this difficult time, focusing on how uncertain and difficult doing anything for the first time is. And my sweethearts, this is pretty much the first time for everything right now, so if you hear me randomly muttering FFT (again, listen to that ep,) please understand where we’re all coming from. 

And however you’re reacting is ok! Unless you’re not practicing social distancing when you can. Because I had a FaceTime this weekend with Friend of the Missive Dr. Haley and her husband and wee baby. Haley happens to be an ER doc and is at the front lines of all of this, so if you’re not social distancing when you can (seriously, all they are asking for is for you to STAY HOME,) I’ll assume you want to hurt my friend. Don’t hurt my friend.


You’re all lovely. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy