Because "They're [ALL] Good Dogs, Brent."*

Valentines! My preambling brain is slow this morning, so I wanted to point out that The Onion wants you to know that Relationship Experts Say Mailing Body Part To Ex On Valentine’s Day Only Way To Win Them Back. (PLEASE DON’T DO THAT, The Onion is satire, oh god what if people take this seriously…)

A drug similar to ketamine has been recommended to the FDA for use for severe depression, specifically for those patients who don’t respond to antidepressants. This is a very good thing, but of course some folks are focusing on the LOL DRUGZ headlines. On Twitter, comms expert / generally awesome human Adam Singer succinctly pointed out why that line of messaging is so short-sighted/damaging. PREACH, ADAM, PREACH.

And this past weekend, the 143rd Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show crowned King the goodest of all the good dogs, and The New York Times had a perfect headline: King Continues Reign of Terriers. But all is not well in the canine community, as some feel that our wired-hair winner stole the title from another more-deserving doggo. And while I’m not one to tell dog show judges how to do their jobs—because they are ALL winners to me—I’m kind of with Jezebel on this one: It Should Have Been Bean, the Sussex Terrier who won best in Sporting two years in a row. JUSTICE. FOR. BEAN. Now excuse me while I spend the next few hours perusing the action shots from the dog show agility contest.

That’s it, that’s all! See you tomorrow for Reading List :) And let’s be kind to each other, shall we?

Xoxo Amy

*Headline borrowed from the kindest of memes.