Beer at the Gym and Free (Canadian) National Parks

Good morning, party people! I once again come to you from the Great White North, where elk are elk and national parks are free until 2017. And remember everyone, if you work hard and are nice to people, one of your tweets can be quoted in the newspaper. Real question: how do they include a tweet box on a printed page? I haven’t opened a newspaper non-ironically since 2013.

And thank you everyone who’ve shared kind words about my grandfather. For those in the Calgary area, his Celebration of Life will be this Friday at 3 pm at the Glencoe Club. Also, thank you to the numerous people who’ve sent me 33 Incredible Real Headlines That Could Only Happen In Canada. BuzzFeed Canada has the moose-watching beat on lock.

Back in the Golden State, homesharing troubles expose decades-old issues with ‘bootleg’ units. In Venice, neighbors complained to the city about their landlord, who they thought was renting out apartments on Airbnb. When city inspectors arrived, they discovered illegal apartments, which led to evictions of some of the complaining parties.

Also in the LA Times, an op-ed on homeless myths caught my eye. I must admit that I’ve more than once referred to San Francisco’s mild climate as one of the contributing factors to our city’s dire homeless issue; Adam Murray deftly diffuses that premise as faulty. His arguments, specifically about how the issues could be tackled, are city-agnostic.

You can always count on the great Kara Swisher to highlight when Silicon Valley leaders insert tone-deaf feet in mouths, "like explaining to all you not-so-rich people that rich people work super hard."

And in other “God, doesn’t anyone say these ideas out loud first” news, a gym - sorry, “anti-gym” - in London has beer for weary rep-counters after their workouts.

Until tomorrow, darlings.