Best Part Of Hosting Dinner Parties Is Left Over Creme Brûlée For Breakfast, Prove I'm Wrong.

Dearests! Happiest of Mondays, may it be filled with a manageable level of catch-up and at least one twenty minute walk break outside, if you are able. Or perhaps we can all pledge to each other to get up and do some form of physical activity as a brain refresh at some point, whether that be squats, a sun salutation or three, or very vigorous wrist rolls with some light personal acupressure. Which is to say, take your breaks if, like me, you spend your day staring at the same screen.

Also, do I have any AP Style / journalist nerds out there who can answer a question: if you’re including a headline of an online article, do you need single or double quotations? Or if you are linking, do you need anything at all? I think I’m googling the wrong things…


  • Many years ago, back when I was living in North Beach, I was training for a half marathon and coming back from a run to the Golden Gate Bridge and back. It was a Saturday morning and since it wasn’t quite busy yet, I decided to end my run sprinting (I mean, tbqh I ran like a penguin on fire so I doubt anyone else saw “sprinting”, but I digress) down Fisherman’s Wharf. Since I was exhausted and sweaty and, I wasn’t really paying attention to what was around me. And just as I hit the middle of the last block, a bush on the street seemingly came alive, jumping at me. I myself jumped a few feet in the air and to the side, screaming bloody murder as I prepared to meet my maker. As soon as I realized there was a human holding the branches, and that a gaggle of tourists nearby were laughing at my reaction, my deep dislike of SF’s fabled “bush man” began. This article on this strange character is all I ever needed and more: Betrayal, arrests and the weird, weird tale of the San Francisco Bushman (SFGate

  • Today, in “what the hell is wrong with us”: A customer who refused to wear a mask in a Wells Fargo bank waited in the parking lot to violently ambush the manager at the end of his shift, report says (Insider)

  • Anyone else obsessively following the Theranos trial, not only because you’ve read all of the books of the company’s malfeasance, but in your mind you also frame the company as a manifestation of Silicon Valley’s id, which in itself is also what thousands of companies aspire to be, that fake-it-‘till-you-make-it, move fast and break things, disrupt at all costs, magical thinking, holier than thou if thou is not an “entrepreneur”, valuation before actual results, cult of the founder… wait, come back, I promise I’ll stop ranting in my living room: Theranos Founder Elizabeth Holmes Lied Again And Again To Make Billions Of Dollars And Earn Public Adoration, Prosecutors Said On The First Day Of Her Trial (BuzzFeed)

  • As an electric car driver who has taken her Chevy Bolt on road trips, I am very happy that one of the learnings of this super cool “race” between two electric cars and a gas car to test charging infrastructure is “don’t trust your car brand’s ‘charging network’”. Give me PlugShare, or give me death, friends! Driving 1000 Miles in 3 Cars: Gas vs Electric! 

  • And finally, I said I wouldn’t read any more books about the Trump Administration, but my goodness, you know I’m going to have to read former press secretary Stephanie Grisham’s surprise tell-all: Grisham dishes on Melania (POLITICO)

You’re all swell. Thanks for bearing with me as I navigate an insane schedule and continue to struggle with our weird re-entry into society. I appreciate you spending a bit of your time in the morning with me. So fill up that water bottle, get in a five minute meditation, and be kind to yourself, won’t you?

xoxo Amy