Binge-Watching Cult Documentaries, and Other Forms of Self-Care

Darlings! Are you watching Wild, Wild Country? Because hot damn, I somehow didn’t know about this Netflix documentary produced by the Duplass brothers on the creation of the Rajneesh cult compound in Oregon until yesterday. Thank you friend of the Missive Andrew for suggesting it, because I am hooked.

Over at Reveal, Aaron Sankin wrote on the malaise infecting civil rights workers in the Department of Justice. Sankin FOIA-ed (Freedom of Information Act) DoJ employee satisfaction surveys and my word, it is bleak.

Meanwhile, things aren’t looking that much rosier over at the EPA.

Psychologists are attempting to confirm or counter studies that make for excellent headlines but possibly not so excellent science by getting as many replications of these studies en masse as possible, a super-villain-seemingly named project called the Psychological Science Accelerator.

And finally, this is a good thing: Hilton Hotels' newest upgrades are strictly for staff.

You are awesome. Have a great day. I know you can.