Bouncing Out of Splits, And Other Personally Physically Impossible Phenomenon

Dearests! Whether we like it or not, the interwebs are happening! So let’s get to them.

My new favorite human on the planet is UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi and my new guiding light of confidence is her joy while performing an INSANE floor routine from a recent sports-flex competition. It’s gorgeous and fun and an amazing example of human strength and agility. And it’s delightful to watch her teammates mime her routine in perfect unison from the sidelines, and to heart the absolute roar that erupts when she nails those landings. She performs feats of seemingly-impossible strength, but since Ohashi is actually a tiny Amazon a la Wonder Woman, I shouldn’t be surprised she can fall into the splits, bounce up like a video game, and still slyly grin and shimmy. And if you want to laugh, check out this Australian bloke who dubbed his commentary over another one of her routines (language NSFW.) This woman is a petite dynamo.

Today, in Canada is awesome: Canadian air traffic controllers send pizzas to U.S. counterparts working without pay.

Back when I imbibed, I liked to claim that a glass of wine made me speak French. Turns out researchers say I’m right, that the (TEMPORARY) anxiety reduction that comes from a (SMALL) amount of alcohol may improve pronunciation and conversational skills. Meanwhile, give me the wrong type/amount of (LEGAL) cannabis, and you’ll find me curled up on the couch not saying a word for hours, afraid of anyone noticing when I say Soo-rry Canadian-style (true story, friends. True story.)

Speaking of wine, my Mum sent this ever-so-important AP story my way: Woman drinking wine from Pringles can banned from Walmart. FIND YOUR BLISS, LADY. FIND. YOUR. BLISS. Unless this isn’t your bliss. Then get help.

A lot of folks are talking about the Marie Kondo show on her approach to tidying, a system I actually adopted aspects from a few years ago, which is a miracle for a messy human like myself (indexed folding FTW). And while it’s not perfect, and there are definitely classist assumptions that go into it, I am all in on VICE’s observation of the show: 'Tidying Up with Marie Kondo' Is Inadvertently About Women's Invisible Labor. And hey, if you’re interested in giving me gifts that bring me joy, I’ve got an Amazon wishlist for you to peruse ;)

That’s it, that’s all folks. Have a great day, and be kind to each other, won’t you?

xoxo Amy