Boys, Bye.

Recently, Jane Meyer and Rowan Farrow published accusations of abuse against former New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, a man who’d previously been heralded as a progressive savior and champion of feminist values. Instead, it was revealed that he abused women physically and emotionally, nonconsenually choking them during sex, belittling them and their accomplishments, and pointedly reminding them that they had nowhere in the State of New York’s legal system to turn. And prior to that, Molly Redden detailed the alleged abuses of Clay Johnson, a leader in the progressive civic tech space,from verbal humiliation of female leaders of the movement to alleged attempted rape. Johnson was so godawful towards women that his colleagues formed a literal desk fort around him to keep him away from a colleague he was tormenting, and yet went on to serve as a Presidential Innovation Fellow under Obama.

I have been unable to funnel my combo of rage / nausea / existential despair around these feminist cosplay nightmare men into sippable-with-coffee bon mots. It’s not because I think that previous professional/personal liberal acts excuse these monsters. Or that I wasn’t shaking with anger reading about how AG Schneiderman called himself “the law”.

It’s because I recognized this weaponized liberal god complex, and I know many politically-active women who recognized it as well.

Because these abusive cowards hide behind their put-on feminist bona fides as a shield, and it works; as Samantha Bee has pointed out in the new name for the YouTube video of her previous interview with the former AG, Former AG Tricks Sam Into Thinking He Was Decent. Or worse, progressives look the other way in the name of, well, progress (I told you I haven’t been able to write well on this shit). In the New Yorker piece on Schneiderman, one of his alleged victims describes how, when told of the incidents, friends “advised her to keep the story to herself, arguing that Schneiderman was too valuable a politician for the Democrats to lose.”

And isn’t that the ultimate abuser power move? To publicly strut as a champion of women, only to direct your violent beam towards those you’re supposedly empowering while assuming that no liberal will dare come at you? To gaslight and terrify, to leave women without any allies as you prop yourself up as the ultimate champion?

So let this be said, liberal assholes: your good works on the left do not absolve you of your sins, especially when you swing your self-sharpened liberal messianism around like a axe. And we see you.

Boys, bye. In yesterday’s words of Sam Bee, “you are trash, and we do not need you.” So before you dissolve into the existential tides, watch Michelle Wolf return to Late Night with Seth Meyers because hell, I have no idea how to end this and she gives me hope.