Bread Bowl Diplomacy, and Other Dream Jobs

My sweethearts, I hope your Thursday is swimming along. I’m lagging a bit this morning, as I was up past my bedtime yesterday evening attending one of the coolest live shows I’ve seen in a very long time: Brad Barton’s Reality Thief: Magic, Mentalism & Mischief. If you’re in SF and would like to see some seriously freaking cool magic done by one of the best live performers I’ve seen in a while, get yer butt to The Lost Church for the the first Wednesday of the month. SO VERY, VERY GOOD!

So as I down my second cup of life-giving coffee, this one is very much “in brief”:

  • All you true crime fans out there - where my Murderinos at? - are well aware of the role that DNA-processing companies have played in recent cold cases, include the arrest of the Golden State Killer. Now, no doubt in response to the public uneasiness around having their DNA handed over to authorities without their knowledge, a group of DNA testing companies have opted to self-regulate before the government tries to do it for them, creating guidelines as to when said genetic information is handed over to the fuzz.

  • Not even the folks in the Trump admin tasked with implementing his zero tolerance immigration shitshow can stand up and say they support it.

  • Over at the New York Times, Nellie Bowles provides much-needed context (per usual) on the SF workplace cafeteria debacle.

  • And finally, Panera Bread has launched a new double bread bowl, in which a loaf of french bread is hollowed out on two sides, and filled with two soups, or a soup and a side, or if you are me, just two mounds of mac and cheese. Because nothing says “eating feelings” like cheesy carbs nestled in a delicious home of not-as-cheesy carbs.

Yours in all of the bread,