California Dreaming, and Other Inherent Conflicts of Interest

Happy Friday, darlings. As the California primary draws near, it’s getting real in the Whole Foods parking lot. Clinton’s lead over Sanders is narrowing, as the Sanders campaign battles for every last Golden State voter in the lead up to Tuesday. In response, Clinton and her husband have thirty (30!) events in 5 days across the state, making me tired just thinking about it. And despite everything, NPR has a great piece comparing the California primary to Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. Missive reader Scott, I look forward to your LTE response.

Meanwhile, Trump reminds us to go cheer for the “San Francisco” basketball team. We can see Oracle Arena fireworks from our apartment in Oakland and the legion of Warriors fans probably disagree with his geographic generalities. He’s also claiming that the federal judge who has the joy of presiding over the Trump U case has ‘an inherent conflict of interest’ because Judge Gonzalo Curiel has “Mexican heritage.” This is where I’d sarcastically say something, anything at all, but instead I direct you to Megyn Kelly ripping into Bill Bennett over those comments. It’s good TV and wonderful to see Kelly call bullshit so fervently.

Have a wonderful weekend!