Can Happily Report I Have Started Introducing Myself To Dogs In My Building (And Their Humans) To Make Them Aware Of My Unit Number And My Desire To Dog Sit If Needed.

Sweethearts! Thanks for joining me this fine Monday morning - and I’m a bit self-conscious writing that out. You see, last week a friend of the Missive observed that the cheeriness of my ledes decreases throughout the week, going from GOOD MORNING on Monday to OH GOD, WE SURVIVED on Friday. The secret, however, is not that I go from doe-eyed cheerfulness to sullen by week’s end, but that I am generally neutral with my approach to challenges (stoic work FTW) but that my capacity to outwardly GAF and will a positive outlook amongst the madness is diminished after five days of work. Which is to say, good freaking morning lovely humans, let’s channel this new week energy into butt kicking and daily walk breaks.


Be kind to yourselves, be kind to each other, and get the darned vaccine when/if you are able.

Xoxo Amy