Cannabis Gravy Is The Late-Stage Capitalism We Deserve.

My darlings! It’s been so long. And while half of you are probably already out for (American) Turkey Day, and the other half of you are still working and doing your best to work through everything on your plates before you too escape to a land of butter, more butter, and cannabis gravy (I’m sorry, what?!,) I hope you’ll still appreciate a hodgepodge of stuff I wasn’t able to read over the weekend. And why, you may ask, have I still not caught up on my Instapaper queue? Because I had a weekend of recovering after last week, filled with sleep, more sleep, ice cream, tired yoga, getting foodstuffs at Costco, and bingeing Man in the High Castle. I’M DOING GREAT, FRIENDS. DOING GREAT.

FYI, this here Missive will again be off on Thursday and Friday. Tomorrow will be a special Holiday Reading/Listening/Watching List.


I missed you all. Be kind to each other.

xoxo Amy