🎵 Change, Change, Chaaaaange... Change Your Passwords... 🎵

Good morning everyone! Have you changed your online passwords lately? If you haven’t and you’re pretty confident that “awesomesauce1234” is basically hack-proof, may I remind you that Mark Freaking Zuckerberg’s Twitter and Pinterest accounts were nefariously taken over because of the LinkedIn password dump. SO CHANGE YOUR PASSWORDS. I use a password manager that bulk change passwords across all my accounts for when stuff like this goes down, so check one out and see if it’s for you. But my favorite line from the entirety of this is the following from VentureBeat:

In case you were wondering, Zuck’s Google+ account is intact. It’s not clear if that’s because he used a different account and password there or if nobody has bothered to check it yet (emphasis mine.)

Sick Google+ burn, VB, sick Google+ burn. SO GET ON IT, CHANGE THOSE PASSWORDS.

Tomorrow’s the California primary, and it’s going to be a fight to the finish, despite The San Francisco Chronicle deciding not to endorse anyone in the presidential race. Polls are currently tipped in Clinton’s favor, but the spread swings wildly depending on the poll. If you’re hungering for a pledged delegate counter, NPR has a super snazzy representation.

And in case you hate what’s happening at the top of the ticket, The Chronicle has a breakdown of why this primary is really important down ballot, so Californian friends, don’t forget to vote! Meanwhile, Sanders is promising a contested Democratic National Convention, so no matter what happens tomorrow, methinks this remains the primary that just won’t die. My Facebook feed will never be the same.

Until tomorrow, my doves.