Coming Soon to Netflix: Dinner at the Conways's

Mein Leibchens, I hope your Tuesday morning is treating you well. That your coffee if delicious, your hot rollers are perfectly setting, and that you’ve thanked your favorite dog for existing, as they are far too good for us. Case in point: how law enforcement agencies have started training doggies to sniff out electronics as small as a micro SD card. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to figure out if my pups can start finding a phone when it falls into the couch so that they can start earning their kibble. You know, for science.

In this season of The Worst Timeline, George Conway - husband of White House advisor and cable news Westworld creation Kellyanne Conway - wrote a piece for Lawfare Blog on how shitty arguments that the Mueller investigation is unconstitutional are shitty. Or, "The One Where The Husband Of The President’s Advisor Argues For The Constitutionality Of The Special Counsel’s Investigation.

Netflix spends $8 billion a year on original content, and Vulture has an amazing piece on how the company knows what you’ll like before you do. Considering Shonda Rhimes, Ryan Murphy, Guillermo del Toro and BARACK AND MICHELLE OBAMA (!!) have all recently to create #content with Netflix, methinks major studios must be reconsidering development budgets.

Speaking of movies, anyone who knows me well knows that I 1) love scary stories but 2) am physically incapable of watching horror movies. Which is why it made me SO happy to read Rob Harvilla’s rundown of how he participates in the social horror experience by reading horror movie Wikipedia pages. I do that, and then add in watching the movie in bright daylight with no sound, closed captioning on, and a sweater in which I can hide my face. Works every time.

And finally, because Racked doesn’t only give you what you want, it gives you what you deserve, they figured out what the embattled EPA chief likes to slather on his body: Listen, the Lotion Scott Pruitt Loves IS Actually Pretty Hard to Find.

May your day be sunny, and your company be warm. Be kind to each other.