Compensation Transparency, Flake-y Decisions, 'The Hack Gap'

My scrumptious sweethearts, how lovely to see you this fine Wednesday morning.

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Square engineer Jackie Luo has collected thousands of examples of software developer salary rates, and has decided to share and analyze that compensation in the hopes of driving more transparent and equitable pay for underrepresented groups. Compensation knowledge is power, and we need more power for more people, especially in tech companies that are so greatly impacting everyone's lives. And while you're at it, you should really follow the work that Matthew Yazzie is doing with The Others Project on "creating the tech industry's first real-time, consolidated, and open source initiative exclusively dedicated to diversity + inclusion data."

Jeff Flake, the Arizona senator who is retiring this term, told the hosts of The View that he had doubts about the veracity of now-SCOTUS Justice Kavanaugh’s testimony during the confirmation hearings, but still voted for him anyways. COOLCOOLCOOLCOOLCOOLCOOLCOOL sigh.

Today, in existential crisis-inducing headlines: A Man Arrested For Groping A Passenger's Breast On A Southwest Flight Told Police Trump "Says It's OK To Grab Women”. Especially when spurting out from the highest office in the land, WORDS MATTER I repeatedly scream as I walk slowly into the sea.

If you find yourself screaming into the void (huh, I need a vacation…) about the fact that Trump can tell a lie a minute while Democrats are pilloried over many news cycles for similar or lesser offenses, or why the revelation of Trump using an insecure cell phone caused nary a peep, Matthew Yglesias would like to explain ‘The Hack Gap’ to you. TL;DR: the spread, power and pervasiveness of conservative media combined with other media’s liberal self-loathing and insistence on telling both sides with the same weight means we’re all generally fucked.

Hmmmmm. I have no clever idea as to how to wrap this up. So be kind to each other!

xoxo Amy