Congrats All, California Didn't Get More Bat-Poop Nuts Than It Already Is!

Sweethearts! First off, THANK GOD my state didn’t fall into the sea of despair last night: Voters resoundingly defeat recall of California Gov. Gavin Newsom (San Francisco Chronicle). The results were called so early in the evening that a colleague in Chicago texted me at 9 pm to congratulate our state for not losing its damned mind. Thank you to every Californian for voting (yay, civic participation!), and special thanks to those who voted to prevent a rightwing radio yahoo from ascending to the governor’s mansion (though of course he’s going full Orange Man and claiming election fraud.) Now, our California politicians had better get to work utilizing the Democrat supermajority to get rid of a stupid direct ballot recall system that will likely have cost the state more than $300 million for a state GOP temper tantrum (ABC7). 

Be kind to yourself, take some time to make yourself a great cup of coffee, and perhaps sit outside for a few moments if you are able!

xoxo Amy