Constantly Interrupting Your Female Opponent While Trying To Recover Your Ever-Shrinking Suburban Woman Voter Pool Seems Like Bad Politics, But You Know, You Do You, VP.

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Hey, folks. I promise you I tried to watch this debate live, I did. Because nothing makes me happier than seeing Senator Harris do, well, anything.

But the interrupting. My GOD, the interrupting. I feel like women around the country felt it deep in their bones when Senator Harris said “Mr. Vice President, I'm speaking,” in a line that birthed a thousand Slack reaction gifs. So after a few minutes, I turned off the TV and followed the debate via Twitter, which is a totally normal and healthy way to follow an event in real time, do not @ me.

Election 2020 Im Speaking GIF by CBS News

Because watching the incident in which a radical leftist fly perched on Pence’s head for two minutes via Twitter reactions was awesome. As a result, I demand that the social media and merchandise rapid response teams get alllll the raises for the following:

(Yes, that is a “Truth Over Flies” swatter that was up in the Biden Harris merch store yesterday evening.)

And if anything represents this entire evening any better, I’d like to read it: Rick Santorum interrupts Gloria Borger to claim Mike Pence never interrupted Kamala Harris. 

But there’s other stuff happening too! 

Y’all are great. Be kind to each other, wear your masks, and do one thing today to help elect Biden/Harris in November.

Election 2020 Vote GIF by CBS News

xoxo Amy