Contested Conventions and Redacted Reports

Happy Monday, Misschievians! If you can’t get ahold of me today, it’s because I have Beyoncé’s new album on loop.

Cruz and Kasich have *finally* realized that neither of them can take down Trump on their own, so they’ll be splitting the remaining primary states in the hopes of forcing a contested convention. Meanwhile, PoliticoPro reports that neither Charles Koch, Frmr Gov. Jeb Bush nor Sen. John McCain will attend the Republican National Convention in July.

The White House is deciding whether or not to release classified material from the 9/11 Commission Report. Primarily at issue are 28 pages many believe detail how the hijackers funded their plan. Saudi Arabia is not pleased, as it is widely believed those sections implicate Saudi nationals and even the Kingdom itself.

And finally, median rents in Oakland are officially insane. Ugh.