Couples' Therapy via Washington Post, and Other Dystopic Remedies

One of my recently-discovered-for-binging podcasts is “How Did This Get Made,” a bad movie podcast that includes the amazing Jason Mantzoukas as a co-host, and I very nearly started this morning’s Missive with his trademark opening, “What’s up, jerks?” but I couldn’t because y’all aren’t jerks (I hope, please don't be jerks, mmmkay?) and can’t even joke about that! This is how much I adore you, my dearest darlings!


Normally I’d save this for reading list tomorrow, but you absolutely MUST read this profile of a DC odd and would-be-hilarious-if-it-wasn’t-the-end-of-days couple. Like, go read it right now, go and do it, just click through already and I’ll wait: She works for Trump. He can’t stand him. This is life with Kellyanne and George Conway. The line that literally had me LOLing at my desk: “We’re outside of George and Kellyanne’s beach house, and I’m drowning in metaphors.” I don’t know how this would ever get back to Ben Terris, the author of the piece, but he needs to know that we are best friends now because the whole thing is written so damned well.

Hey YouTube? How about you not include terrifying horror movie preview jump scares in pre-roll ads? Because certain people who shall not be named may have nearly punched her computer screen in fear? FFS.

The New York Times is collecting the pro-press-freedom editorials being published around the country right now. They’re amazing. Go read them.

Omarosa’s tell-all book and her penchant for secretly recording those around her during her time in Trumpland is causing chaos in the West Wing. POLITICO compared the current fallout amongst White House staffers to what the Clinton campaign went through during the hacked emails release in 2016.

And finally, as someone who likes to provide nooks and crannies for my beloved introverted guests to hide in, I support this supposition from The Outline: Open floor plans are terrible for entertaining. Give me cozy hallways to cluster in, or give me death!

Toodles, poodles. I love you tons.