Cuddling Koalas + RBG's Workout > Old White Dudes Fighting on Twitter

THIS IS NOT A DRILL: Stephen Colbert worked out with Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg (SWOON) and I AM DYING AND I LOVE IT. She’s wearing a Super Diva sweatshirt and dropping sassy lines and just ignoring Stephen when she feels like it and I love her so very very much.

And in another goddamned delightful late night segment, Late Night with Seth Meyers writer Amber Ruffin was sent on trip Down Under by show sponsor Tourism Australia and the resulting video is absolutely lovely. BRB quitting my life to be Amber’s best friend so we can spend the rest of our days cuddling koalas.

In response to a complete random and in my mind unnecessary and truly unhelpful comment from Uncle Joe Biden on wanting to take the Orange One out behind “behind the gym and beat the hell out of him” because of his comments on women, the actual, real life President of the United States of America said that in said hypothetical fight, Biden would “would go down fast and hard, crying all the way.” Methinks this is another one of those Hope Hicks white lies, but yea, I’m pretty sure that President glass jaw and bone spurs wouldn’t exactly have an advantage in the situation. Because Joe Biden fights dirty.

Shared on Facebook by my college thesis advisor Professor Anthony Grafton: on the damned-if-you-do situation for new female graduates, “Employers favor new (female) college graduates with moderate academic success but not high achievement, study finds. New male graduates' grades don't seem to have much impact.” GREAT COOL AWESOME FINE NO PROBLEM HERE AHHHHHH.

And finally, Netflix unveiled a new font. Now, before you epically roll your eyes at me and curse the attention paid to a project only us typography geeks give a flying fuck about, remember that until this point, Netflix was licensing the font Gotham, which added up to millions of dollars in font licensing fees. And yes, new fonts are developed by creative humans who deserve to get paid, and therefore require licensing fees, so not only was it a cool exercise in creating a font with “display aesthetics and more pragmatic functionality in mind,” it’s also going to save the company mad cash. So take that, snobs, font nerdery is a business decision!

Love you :)