Cult Sartorial Choices, Green-Haired Reptiles, Misread Texts.

Darlings! This weekend, I finished High High Country on Netflix, the amazing docuseries on the mystic Indian leader and his commune built in Oregon, and HOO BOY now I’m going down a Rajneesh rabbit hole. And after seeing the eerie birds-eye visuals, I was wondering how they started wearing red all the time, and of course Racked was already ON IT.

As more is learned about the Montreal Mosque shooter, Charles P. Pierce of Esquire notes that if his browsing history was any indication, the shooter was devouring the alt-right garbage being coughed up by the States: We're Exporting the Worst of Our Political Waste to Canada.

Presented without comment: Green-haired turtle that breathes through its genitals added to endangered list.

The Hollywood Reporter spent a night with Anthony Scaramucci (why talk to him now, you may ask, as Rome burns around us? no fucking clue) at a steakhouse and I’m pretty much done with this shitty timeline, kthxbai. Also, dude needs to lay off the botox and fillers, because he’s morphing into his own small-town wax figure.

And finally, yes. Sending a text that solely reads “K.” is anxiety inducing, and science says so: There’s a reason using a period in a text message makes you sound angry.