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Good morning, my loves! Today is two weeks post-second jab, which means I am officially “fully vaccinated” and while I am over the moon ecstatic about it (especially considering so much of the rest of the world is in absolute crisis), I wanted to take a moment to share one of the recurring anxieties I’ve felt over the last month. You see, the past year was about surviving. It was about getting through everything relatively intact, and doing our best to find joy and comfort in a very scary and uncertain world. Which is to say, maintaining stasis was a win: despite what we joked about on Twitter, there was no expectation we’d all pull a TSwift and have the most productive, creative, achievement-filled year. We took joy in homemade bread, in walks outside, in reconnecting with ourselves, and it was absolutely OK to just get through because it was the best anyone could expect. But now? With my two weeks up, knowing I still have to be so very careful and I don’t plan on attending a rave any time soon (do those still happen? Get Z readers—all two of you—please let me know) but I no longer have to remain fixated on the next day, the next week… and that is disquieting. For the first time in 14 months, there’s a brightness, a chance to move forward. But with that comes all of the self-imposed expectation that I’ll finally “make something” of this, that I’ll reemerge from this period, shed off my weighted blanket and unfurl wings of achievement and growth to make up for lost time. Post-quarantine YOLO is real as I ask myself if I am doing enough with this new blessing? And tbqh, that kinda just makes me want to curl up in bed (also, this NBC piece: ‘Even after being fully vaccinated, many still wrestle with a fear of catching Covid’)

So all to say that I hope today’s cup of caffeinated beverage was excellent, and that you’re ready to take today and run with it.

Be kind to yourself, continue wearing that mask, and get outside for a bit today, if you can!

xoxo Amy