Dance Like The Sharing Economy's Watching.

Mein Liebchens, happiest of Thursdays! Last night, the precipitation in San Francisco resembled what I called "movie rain" when I was growing up, and I'm happy to report that my acquired-from-the-internet umbrella only flipped inside out once in the face of sheeting water and insane winds. Which means we get six more weeks of winter or something? Look, I don't get cause and effect.

So let me say this, dear readers: I am genuinely grateful you like spending a bit of your morning with me. And your texts/emails/tweets when you read something funny, or want to tell me something heartfelt, or just want to say hello mean the world to me. Y’all are great and I am thankful for you.

Xoxo Amy

(no, I don't know whether you or I are the chicken or the child, BUT I AM OK WITH THAT.)