Daylight Savings Time Changes Are A Week-Long Scourge AKA The Ballad Of I Just Wanna Nap All Day, OK?

Darlings, today I’m breathing a bit easier because yesterday I proudly received my first Pfizer vaccine shot. Knowing me (you can take the theatre kid out of the theatre…), I’d assumed I would have sobbed, been super emotional, had some sort of intellectual epiphany that brought me close to herd immunity enlightenment. Instead, I walked five minutes to my local Walgreens, chatted pleasantly with a man who’d just got his shot, walked into a room where they administer flu shots (I imagine) and found out that vaccine administrator Mark was a pharmacy student who said his favorite job as of late has been giving out these shots. Instead of crying, I took a #selfie because 2021, and I walked out of there after my 15 min wait and got myself a burrito to-go because San Francisco. Today, my arm is quite sore and I am a bit achy, but overall doing good. I am so grateful to the researchers, doctors, pharmacists, epidemiologists, nurses, lab techs, workers, volunteers and public servants working so hard to get the vaccine into arms, for the medical professionals helping us get closer to normalcy and togetherness. 

To the internet!

That’s it, that’s all. Be kind to yourself, wear a mask, and stay safe.

xoxo Amy