DNA Service Evidence, Radicalized Online Jerks, The Groveling of Michael Cohen

So are you still as excited about the arrest of the (alleged) Golden State Killer as I am? Right now, my friends can be divided into those who’ve been frantically texting new developments to me, and those who have literally zero-idea WTF is going on. Well if you’re not as excited, and you’re wondering why in the hell you keep reading me prattle on about true crime when you SPECIFICALLY subscribed to read more about tech and/or politics, what if I told you that they caught the guy after running the GSK’s DNA evidence through a genealogy website, probably not unlike the one that you yourself have spat into a tube for? In short, the authorities ran the sample against the hundreds of thousands of those who had voluntarily submitted to an unspecified service, and found a partial familial match. From there, they narrowed it down and then staked out his house to get a new sample. See? I told you: Tech. Law enforcement. Privacy concerns. Potential regulation. I’ve got you, my doves, don’t you worry ❤️

Let’s talk about the online radicalization of violent misogyny and how it fed attacks like the one in Toronto, shall we?

‘Boss, I Miss You So Much’: The Awkward Exile of Michael Cohen - come for the groveling, stay for Michael Cohen ruining his kid’s Bar Mitzvah so that Trump could humiliate him during the service.

The New York Times editorial board is DONE with the beleaguered EPA chief: Scott Pruitt Has Become Ridiculous.

And finally, if you’re like me and reeeeaaaaallllly need something relaxing this week, might I suggest an instagram account dedicated to doggos gently eating things?

I love and appreciate you so much. Have a restful weekend.