Don't Worry Poppets, I Survived the Evening.

Darlings, we made it through the first debate and I didn’t hyperventilate and pass out on the floor. You know what got me through? The funny text messages and emails I received from you fabulous folks throughout the evening. You all are lovely and wonderful.

I was at the CALinnovates / New Leaders Council debate watch party at Organizer, and I must admit that I was happy to have event-related stuff to work on, as opposed to just my creeping existential doom. To be honest, I didn’t even watch the whole thing, since even listening was causing elevated heartbeat and cold sweats - presidential debates need prescription health warnings.

I’m sure you’ve read the rundowns, and since I’m biased, I know that anything I say can be ascribed to my own inherent #HillYes fandom.

But my goodness, we saw her own that stage last night and I am a happy citizen. And let it not be forgotten that history was made: Hillary Clinton was the first female participant in an American presidential debate. That’s freaking awesome.

But should we assume that this will suddenly change minds and hearts? No.

Should we get smug and intellectual and assume that folks will finally understand that Donald Trump is not qualified or mentally fit or emotionally capable of the office of the President? No.

Should we register voters NOW? YES.

I’ll have the hottest of hot takes for you tomorrow. In the meantime, this shimmy encapsulates how I want to feel for the rest of my life: