Don't Worry: There's Still Good Stuff On Twitter.

Darlings! It’s Thursday, which is delightful because it means in less than two days, I get to turn my work from home area into a “eat popcorn and potentially bingewatch Fleabag again” area.

Today’s Missive is a short one and a late one as you can tell since I’ve been on calls since before sunrise, but I wanted to check in, say HI, send love, mother hen you a bit (DRINK WATER! GO FOR A WALK if you can! EAT SOMETHING YUMMY!

To that end, Friend of the Missive Christopher had one crucial self-care tip I want to share with all of you: TAKE A NEWS FAST, which I wholeheartedly support. Now, for a lot of us, staying up-to-date on the news is a part of our job and/or something we need to do for personal reasons. With that in mind, we can still set aside breaks during the day where you step away from your computer/phone/asshole carrier pigeon trained to drop tiny notes from the CNN ticker and do literally anything else. Read a book. Look out the window. Play an instrument. Teach your children pig latin. Browse Petfinder to find the shelter dog you’re considering because months without contact with another creature will be difficult. And make sure you do so before bed, so that you can sleep better.

Because those breaks will help your brain and spirit. And my loves, I need your brains and spirits in tip top shape so you’ll keep appreciating these amazing tweets

Anyhoo, I gotta jump back in to work. I adore you all, and hope you’re being kind to each other.

Xoxo Amy